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BoomCup Corrugated cups

Cups of any sizes

paper products

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Paper Lids Packaging

individual manufacture of products

delivery througout Europe



We offer:

Corrugated cups

Corrugated cups volume 175 ml,240 ml, 340 ml 7 different colors.

Flexing print

Flexo printing services on any types of roll materials (paper, pellicle, cardboard).

Craft paper

We produce packaging (craft) paper with any design.

Lids for cups

Ecological plastic lids of all colors and sizes.

Paper products

High-quality laminated paper for the manufacture of cups.


Adress: Ukraine, Khmelnitsky, Ternoplska 10/4. Tel: 38(063)3172236 | 38(063)2277724

Corrugated cups

Lids with drinking bowl

Durable plastic lid in different colors. Carefully fits to the cup.

Corrugated layer

Corrugated layer prevents burning of hands. Gives stiffness to the cup.


Ecological paper that does not educe toxic substances. Finland and Swedish productions.


Cup's bottom is made of durable cardboard, increases the solidity of the cup.

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Individual approach

Individual approach to each client, from the development of the model to the manufacture of products.


All products comply with sanitary and hygienic standards, has the appropriate quality certificates and ISO certificates.


There is a flexible system of discounts depending on the size of the order.


Delivery to any point of Ukraine and Europe.

How do we work?

About company "Boomcup":

About company "Boomcup": Ltd. "Boomcup" was established in 2015.It s quite young company but has already proven itself as reliable partner and qualitative manufacturer in the production of paper cups and packaging materials.

Our services:

We provide printing services on roll material (paper, pellicle, cardboard) from 40 to 260 density.

We sell corrugated (7 diffetent colors) and ordinary cups volume of 175, 240 and 340 ml.The printing of you desing on cups is possible.

The printing of you design on craft paper is also possible. The sphere of using the packaging is for wrapping gifts and flowers.

About quality of cups

We poured hot tea and left the cup for 48 hours, after 2 days, the seam absorbed moisture but the cup keeps tightness.

Our cup is able to keep tigtness after falling from 1,5 meters.


Taking care of consumer safety and preserving the environment,company "Boomcup" manufactures its products only from high-quality raw materials,which do not harm human health, and is quickly utilized by natural way.

For this reason our company bought modern foregin equipment, thanks to this it is possible to carry out a full production cycle, from the process of developing a design for a cup to packaging a finished product.

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High quality

All products are manufactured of hihg-quality raw materials and passed quality control.

Environmental friendliness

During manufacture of our products we use only ecologically raw materials.


Our products don't educe toxic substances.

Low price

For our clients we will try to offer the best price on the market.


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Years we are on the market


Satisfied customers


Thousand cups were produced


Machines in company "Boomcup"

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